There is a saying that marriages are made in Heaven. Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, in the present context, some people's marriage life goes unexpectedly. There are a few things that need to be scrutinized and learned apart from the fact that they liked seeing each other before marriage. 

After seeing horoscope matches, family status, financial stability, education, job, and stuff like that, the situation is such that the emotional connection must be seen at this time, especially during the courtship period. Because, the happiest couples get married because of love; not societal pressures, or the desire for a family. 

It is good to decide many things before marriage by talking openly with your partner. Because at that time saying 'Yes' for all might sound easy, but later? 

No matter what; Just talk it out and get sorted before it gears-up! 

Well, here are some things which you must know about your partner before you get married! 

Set of Goals and Future Plans

After marriage, your partner will change or the thought of having to change his/her mindset may not happen in the future. It is good to decide in advance where you want to work and settle down. 

It is a good idea to let your partner know in advance if you have any plans to go abroad. This will avoid the situation that it will be difficult for one person to leave the job and shift to the partner's location. It will prevent a lot of problems when both the partners have a clear idea about the expectation to live geographically. 

In some cases, one may feel to study after marriage. When that is the case, it is best to tell it not only to the partner but also to their family. 

Some people may want to buy a house while another partner may think to invest money in the gold or share market. Some people are more interested in saving without spending too much. Thus, It is better to discuss with your partner in advance how and where you both are going to spend and invest the money.  

Food habits 

A vegetarian marrying a non-vegetarian is easy to deal with in the beginning but it can be a bit of a hassle to follow for the rest of your life. It is witless to expect his/her partner to change their eating habits which they have been accustomed to for so many years. If this goes out over the course of the day, then, if you both go out, where and what food to eat will become the argumentative issue. Even the home cooked food will go unnoticed by another partner. 

Relationship with Family

It is very important to know about the partner's family and relationships with his/her family before getting married. It is good to decide in advance whether both are going to live independently, or with family?

Forcing a partner who wants to live with the family to live alone will cause a stir in married life. Suddenly, he/she may feel that they have been separated from their family. To avoid all of this, you must first ask if your partner wants to live independently or with the family. 

Baby plans

Nowadays, many people think not to have children at all. It might sound odd for some people, but it's happening in many places. Hence, give an open voice about baby plans if you are about to spend a life with the person or so.

Children- if, when, how many, whether the female partner working on a contract basis where she will be having a corporal punishment or not, may actually sound important to discuss with your partner. 

Well, some want to postpone having a baby for some period but the family may put pressure on the couple. So knowing all this and deciding well in advance what plan your partner has in terms of baby plans will save you from umpteen problems.

Likes and Dislikes

It is good to know the likes and dislikes of your partner starting from the daily routine to leisure time habits will lead to spending time with each other more rather than having a lot of alone time. 

For example, 

  1. The one who likes to travel getting hitched with the one who does not like to travel can create boredom for another partner. 
  2. Forcing a partner to dress in traditional attire may also be a bit of a hassle if he/she has the option of dressing in western attire. 
  3. Your partner may have a habit of sleeping and waking up early and when another doesn't have the same habit may have some compatibility issues during your marriage period. 
  4. Some people are more involved in raising pets but when their partner is allergic to pet animals, it is better to make a decision about pets before marriage if they are about to hitch soon. 

Loans and Debts

It is good to know well in advance about the debt of your partner whom you are going to get married which can prevent you from ending up in big trouble when the idea of ​​buying a house or car arises after the marriage. So knowing one's financial status and credit status will prevent you from problems in many of the things you plan to do in the future.

Social Media Habits

Spending too much time on social media usually happens and it's more common with the new-gen people right now. But, when your partner does not like you to spend time on social media may cause a problem. Over the course of the period, social media itself may become a major problem. So it is very important to visit your partner's social media pages and his social media habits are very essential before marriage.

Drug, Alcohol, Cigarette

It is important to think twice before marrying someone who has a habit of alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs. It is good to let not only your partner but also the family know about this matter.

Past Relationships 

While the choice is up to you, it is better not to know the details of your partner's previous relationship(s), Likewise, not to mention information about your past relationship(s) too. When you feel like you need to reveal about your Ex, it's fine to discern each other. In case if you feel this may create an uncomfortable situation or a negative impact on your relationship, better not to open up is a wise option. 

Good Luck for Your Wed-Life


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