Because of Corona have you lost your job, source of income is partially affected, spending time inside house giving you frustration?. Then these tips are for you. It's time to improve yourself. Do something different and switch your lifestyle differently. Not like before you are not going to work hard for money. It's a time to give some space for your passion too. 

Find your passion 

"Whenever we think we are good, we can be even better!"

 Everyone has a passion in this world. It's just you need to give some attention to it and think about how can you improve your passion during these lockdown days. For example, if you love singing, spend some minutes on it and sing a song and upload it on your social media. Let people like it, comment on it. Let others also enjoy your passion. By giving some light to your passion you may get a chance to take your passion as your career. 

 We all of us know J.K Rowling, the well-known author of the Harry Potter fantasy series, she worked as a research and bilingual secretary for Amnesty International. After losing the job, she thought to give some space for her passion. While she was waiting for a train to go to her hometown, she started writing the Harry Potter series. Now imagine her passion made wonders in her life. Her life after Harry Potter is not less than magic. 

Wake up early 

 Sleep time and waking up early is very essential for a healthy body and an active mind. As our days moving fast, we tend to sleep late in the night which results in waking up late. Then the oxygen supply to our body will not be sufficient. So, the day will not be productive. By sitting in our office we may think, 'why we can't work productively; when the boss stops scolding me, why the hell is happening?' etc., etc., Not giving sufficient time to your body and mind can be one of the reasons. So, waking up early is as important as doing important projects at the office. By waking up early, you can able to see the sunrise which is not at all a part of our morning routine. You will imagine how beautiful the morning is. Benjamin Franklin famously said, " Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."

Have a weekly exercise routine 

 "Push yourself to your limits, that's how you truly grow"

Any practice needs some time to adapt to do regularly. If you want to make your habit as a practice, keep doing it continuously for 21 days despite any hazards. In the end, it becomes a routine for you to do it regularly. Working out regularly will help you maintain weight. It can control the blood sugar level and prevent heart disease. You want to quit your drinking or smoking habit, doing exercise regularly will help you to do so. 

Speak, Let your heart flow

Making use of this lockdown days, we can find our old friends to speak with them something nostalgic. Some of our memories will give happiness, but some may kill us. Make sure you speak about some good memories. Either you can speak or you can listen. Listen to some motivational speech. Listen to your family members, friends, etc, We might turn our deaf ears to them when we are at work. This is the best time to have a chat with them. Because the world's best skill is listening to others. 

Read a little bit every day

Books can be the best friend to anybody. There is no friend as loyal as a book. Trust me, reading habits can make wonders in your life. A best friend of mine at school has impeccable knowledge in whatever the subjects we discuss. I just admire that friend every time and one fine day I happened to ask him, 'How can you be so knowledgeable?' He just replied with a smile, just read 20 minutes per day. That can make you wonder in life. Now, I can say this is one of the best pieces of advice I have ever listened to in my life. 


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