The worldwide death toll from Covid-19 is nearing 1.9 million. What a year this has been?

It seems we are living in the worst year of our life. For all its eventfulness, 2020 has been a struggling year for most of us. It forced us to be under the roof, working from home, postponing meetings, making our children study online, shut innumerable celebrations modified into zoom, and much more.
When you look at all this, 2020 definitely will start being a history of our times right?
Just like another year, 2020 started with hope, enthusiasm, love, dreams, and happiness. But as we know problems can chase us everywhere, no matter what, when, how, and in what way?  

Nevertheless, this year has some other plans for mankind to be more patient, kind, resilient, and be ourselves no matter what. Having to put up a lot of 'RIP' status which gave us fitful emotions that some people are meant to be temporary in our life and it's too short that will be gone too soon.
What have you experienced this year?
Maybe quarantined throughout the year and doing work from home, attending virtual classes, losing a job, getting married, starting life from scratch?

Maybe you became someone who sees life differently? Gained a deeper understanding of yourself as well as others. We were all living a busy life till 2020 starts. Though we got some free time through lockdown days, those who had money were able to manage without salary and spending time with their loved ones at home. But those who don't? Living everyday life itself was questionable. In the end, being alive is the most important at this time when many are dying from the deadly virus.  

Life is too short; Don't wait for the right time
The starting period of the lockdown excited us as we got long leave like summer vacation, but after a point, work from home became stressful, dealing with familial relationships worsened day by day. So, this year taught us problems are the constant in our life. No matter how you live, what you have, life doesn't always have up-hill alone. Take a deep breath, there is always a leap of faith.
Some people think of their career change, marriage goals, future plans. Hence, rather than waiting for the right time to fall in your place, do what you wish to do right now right away. This pandemic year taught us life is very short and we should enjoy every bit of it.
You are not alone

As the lockdown period got lengthier all of our mental health started taking a toll. Since hang-out places are no longer open, finding ourselves trapped in a box of four walls became a tough task to do isn't it? But we need to remember that tackling isolation is a universal subject in 2020 which means 'you are not alone'. Like, quitting a job, postponing marriage, canceling travel plans, ending up our own self at the end of the day is not an individual problem. Being in too deep, the world has hit the pause button, and taking a break is worth a better life.  
Home sweet home
Everything shut, canceled, postponed these are the words we came across in this lockdown. This year made us live in a nutshell. Our home becomes our office, gym, classroom, theatre, and much more.

For many people, quarantine has turned out to be the test period of their relationships at home. Married couples have been forced into full-time togetherness. We are accustomed to being together and adjusting to each other in the midst of misunderstandings and problems.
Time is everything
Time flies faster than we think. We constantly run to fulfill our financial needs in our twenties. So, taking a break is not our fault in 2020. For many of us, this year was the bereavement period. Yet we need to understand, the most powerful warriors are patience and time. Time is everything, time is money, time will heal, time will pass us by, it will teach us to live, it will improve us and make us feel light and refreshed.

2020 made us realize that we should be happier to be alive than to regret not having a sophisticated lifestyle. This is the year most of us are likely to forget but some of the evocative moments will stay in our memories perhaps to tell our grandchildren about it.  

2020 is the end of a decade and the beginning of another. Thus, stay happy; stay positive. Life always surprises you. Happy 2021. 


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