We are fast moving towards the world of the internet. We feel like we have the world at our hands if we have the internet at home. But there are many places in the world where the internet is inaccessible, yet very entertaining. It is only when we go to such a place that we understand the superiority of traditional communication methods. 

Hikkim is such a place where you hardly get a mobile network and the internet is yet to arrive at this place. But there is a busy operating post office known as the highest post office in the world. 

This is the World's Highest Post Office ever you can see in India!
Hikkim Post Office 

This highest post office located at an elevation of 4,440m, the tiny post office in the village of Hikkim connects a cluster of small villages around this area surrounded by mountains. 

The people of this village say that 'We will exchange our love by sending a letter to those who need it'. Very surprisingly, they don't even hear of the word 'internet', 'social media', 'e-mails', and much more. 

There are nearly one lakh 50 thousand post offices in India out of which the Sikkim Post Office is the smallest but also the oldest and most beautiful which stands as the world's highest post office. 

Most people here come to pay their money in their accounts and send a letter to their loved ones. A few tourists take pride in sending a letter to their loved ones who were the tallest in the world.

This is the World's Highest Post Office ever you can see in India!

Postmaster Rinchen Chhering has been running this post office since 1983. In winter this office is most likely to shut because of heavy snowfall. Many places in the area are not accessible by bicycle, and postmen deliver the letters on foot. Everyone from this place knows him and people of this area have often been amazed at his dedication. 

Most of the population is Buddhist. Thus, the village is highly peaceful and friendly. 

We can say Hikkim is the palace of freezing cold, kind people, artistic mountains, and the most natural village in India. The population of this village is countable at our fingers. That is why this village is something that remains unchanged in its antiquity! 

How to reach Hikkim:

By Air: The nearest airport to Hikkim is located in Bhuntar at a distance of about 265 km. If you desire to travel by air, then you can take a direct flight to Bhuntar airport and from there you can either hire a cab or use public transport to reach Hikkim.

By Rail: The nearest railhead to Hikkim is Joginder Nagar at a distance of about 375 km. Once you have reached Joginder Nagar, you can either hire a cab or use public transport to reach Hikkim.

By Road: To reach Hikkim, you can easily approach by road since it's well connected to the cities of Himachal Pradesh.

Between March and June is the best time to visit Hakkim. The average temperature ranges between 15 degrees Celsius in the day to around 6 degrees Celsius in the night. 


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