Two days ago, when the trailer of the movie 'Dil Bechara', starring Sushant Singh Rajput was released, it struck my mind that it's an adaptation of 'The Fault in Our Stars' Novel. Many people have told me about this novel. It is also the most recommended one among my friend' circle that I couldn't stop myself from reading it. 

After two days of reading it, I've tried to pen down that story precisely into this piece of writing. Hope you all will enjoy reading Augustus and Hazel's love story here. 

The Eternal Love Story Begins

Story of 'The Fault In Our Stars'
'The Fault In Our Stars' Novel Cover 

Hazel Grace Lancaster, a seventeen-year-old girl who has thyroid cancer. Due to her mother's advice, she reluctantly attends a cancer patient's support group meeting. She carries a portable oxygen cylinder wherever she goes. In one of the meetings, she meets a teenage boy, Augustus waters. He came to support their mutual friend Issac who is suffering from eye cancer. 

After the meeting, Augustus approaches Hazel and tells her that she looks like actress Natalie Portman in 'V for Vendetta' movie and begins to talk about so many things. Hazel is impressed by Augustus's talks. In the end, he invites Hazel to come to his home to watch a movie. While watching it they both discuss their experiences with cancer. Hazel says that she has thyroid cancer. Augustus reveals that he has recovered from Osteosarcoma, simply known as bone cancer. 

They both immediately strike a bond and agree to read each other's favorite novel. Hazel gives him 'An Imperial Affliction' while Augustus recommends 'The Prince of Dawn'. 

Hazel connects so well with her favorite novel 'An Imperial Affliction' because it's all about a cancer-stricken girl named Anna. It was written by Peter Van Houten who lives in Amsterdam. 

Augustus was frustrated by reading her favourite novel because it ends abruptly without a conclusion. Hazel tells Augustus that the novel's author retreated yet she wants to know the story's end. 

A week later, Augustus surprises Hazel by tracking down author Van Houten's assistant and getting his email id. Through email, they both write questions about the novel's ending to Van Houten. They got the reply mail from the author, saying that he could only answer this question only in person. 

One day, Augustus again surprises Hazel with tickets to Amsterdam to meet the author Van Houten. But Hazel's parents are against it. Because a few days before, she was admitted in the ICU ward, since her health condition started deteriorating and her team of doctors doesn't think that she is able to travel. 

At that time, one of the doctors who is familiar with Hazel's case convinces her parents that she must travel and live her life happily. Finally, they both are on the plane to Amsterdam.

Augustus expresses his love for Hazel on the plane. Hazel also likes him but she feels hesitant for some reason. She knows that she will hurt him when she dies. 

Amsterdam Night Canals 

Finally, they both reach the author Van Houten's place. He is a mean spirited drunk and claims that he can't answer for any of Hazel's questions. They both leave from his home in utter disappointment. This is not what they have expected from the author. 

When they return to the hotel room, they find that they both are attracted to each other so much and they can't stop themselves from making love. At that time, Hazel confesses her love to Augustus. 

The following day, Augustus tells Hazel that while she was in ICU he had scanned his body and found his cancer had come back and started spreading over his body again.

They return to Indianapolis, as his condition becomes worse and he is admitted in the ICU for a few days. Fearing his death, Augustus invites Issac and Hazel for his pre-funeral where they give eulogies to him. Hazel explains her love to him and her wish to be with him forever. 

After eight days Augustus dies, leaving Hazel heartbroken. Hazel is astonished to see author Van Houten at the funeral. He apologized for what happened in Amsterdam and he started telling about the conclusion of the novel's story. But Hazel is not interested in listening. 

After a few days, Isaac informs Hazel that Augustus was writing something for her. In that, Augustus has hinted about writing a sequel of 'An Imperial Affliction'. Once again, Hazel encounters author Van Houten and she comes to know the main character, Anna in that novel is the author's daughter. She died of cancer at the age of eight. 

The novel is a literary attempt at reconciling himself with her death. Hazel tells Van Houten to reduce your drinking habit and start writing another book. 

Eventually, Hazel learns that Augustus has sent those pages to Van Houten to use his writings to compose a well-written eulogy for Hazel. Van Houten sends that writing to Hazel. Thus, she reads the final part of the novel in Augustus's words.

He says people want to leave the earth to prove that they are important in some way to their loved ones. He refers to that pain as 'scars'.The scar he left on Hazel has a lot of meaning that he loves her a lot and she too does the same by carrying that scar with her. 

Getting hurt in this world is inevitable, but we do get to choose who we allow us to hurt. We have no control over the pain we suffer. But we can control people who give pain to us and those people are the people we love. His metaphor creates a direct link between pain and love.

He also explains most of the novel ends with the death of a loved one and they don't write anything about life after the death of the person. I've done heroic things therefore people remember me after death. I will continue to live even after death. I tried to find an equation between life and meaningful death, Augustus says.

He feels happy about the scar that he had left on Hazel, and is the asset for their love. It means he genuinely mattered to Hazel. It satisfies his desire to be remembered after his death. 

Novel's Story
A Scene from 'The Fault In Our Stars' Movie 

Once Hazel's father told her, a person who observes the universe is the real hero. Those words made her want to go on living in order to observe the universe and make happy memories with people. 

Hazel is the person who doesn't think about the meaning of life. She came to know her life's meaning, only after Augustus enriched it and sees her purpose as continuing on with her life, not to do anything extraordinary, but just to simply notice what's around her. 

Hazel doesn't see Augustus's death as an end to their love. Her relationship will continue despite his passing. 

The story ends with Hazel feels happy about her love and life which sounds more meaningful than ever before. 

Hope you enjoyed the story and don't forget to give your opinions in the comment box below. 


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