We must have heard of a 15-year old little girl who brought her ailing father by bicycle from Gurgaon, Haryana to Darbhanga, Bihar during the lock-down days.

As there was no transportation available in the month of May, they have chosen to travel by bicycle to reach their home town. The loss of job made them go back to their own land. It was 1,200 kilometers which took about seven days to reach their home. Eighth-grade pass Jyothi Kumari gave father a hope to travel with a cycle. The father knows about his daughter's determination, he accepted.

1,200 kms traveled in Lockdown days!

Jyoti had remained hungry for two days in those ten days of travel, but she fed her father whatever she carried with. With good food and enough sleep, we can cycle up to 100 kilometers a day.

Jyoti has done such a record without having these things. How would have been those ten days for them? Especially for Jyothi? Still can't believe this! I came across another news yesterday which thrilled my mind even more than this news.

A Government School Girl's Determination and Success

A 10th standard student used to travel 24 kilometers with her bicycle to reach the school. She scored 98.7 percent of marks in her 10th class board exam. It's unbelievable that a girl travels 24 kilometers up and down for study and scored this much marks.

Roshani Bhadoriya, resident of Anjol village, Madhya Pradesh was studying in a school till class 8, where the transport facility was available. But once she shifted to Mehgaon Government School for class 9, the transport facility was not available from her village to Mehgaon.

The Government school in Mehgaon is located 12 kilometers away from her home. She had to cycle to reach school on several days due to the unavailability of transportation such as taxi, auto, and bus.

Sometimes her father used to drop her at school with his cycle. Her father is a farmer. He said in an interview he himself didn't think that his daughter would score this much marks in 10th board exams. After seeing her marks he made a promise that he will arrange a private mode of transportation for her daughter to go to school.

She aims to study for civil service exams and the whole village is very supportive of her to pursue her higher studies. Roshani said that she didn't count the days but she went to school with her cycle for about 60 to 70 days a year. After returning home she used to study for 7 to 8 hours daily.

There were some days because of the rain she couldn't return home. At these times she used to stay at his relative's home near the school and she goes to the school directly from there the next morning. It would be days before she could get back home.

Roshani has two brothers. The elder one is studying class 12 and the younger one is studying class 4. It's very hard for her father to bear all three children's educational fees. But all of them study well. So, he never thought of stopping his children from school. He is a graduate and his wife, Roshani's mother studied up to 12th standard and she couldn't continue her studies further because of her family situation. Thus, she wanted all her children to study well despite the poor economic status of the family.

Literacy rate in India

Female Literacy rate in India

Today, the female literacy rate is 64.5 percent whereas the male literacy rate is 80 percent in India. Roshani's story will surely be an inspiration to others to encourage girl children to study.

Why are we choosing Private over Government Schools

There is a reluctance among our parents to enroll their children in a government school. They think that their prestige is diminished if their children study there.

For just PRE KG they are spending 50K, 80K some up to one lakh. Oh My God! The sole purpose of this, making their children speak in English. If their mode of instruction is in the mother tongue, they can't speak in English, is it so?  

Why do children in government schools always score good marks? They are the state-level topper almost all the time. How? Roshani's story once again proved this statement above right?

First of all, we need to see the qualifications of teachers in Private schools and Government schools. In private, anybody can become a teacher just graduation or post-graduation is only needed. Because private schools are going to give a very minimum salary to the teachers. But in the government school, along with the graduation, they need to do B.Ed., M.Ed., these kinds of educational degrees and then they need to score well in the eligibility tests and many more steps.

Many people don't want to study in Government schools but they want to get medical and engineering seats in government colleges. Also, they want government jobs which are very secure to lead their life.

Why Mother Tongue Matters a lot

A study shows that the mother tongue is the road to creativity. Mother tongue is the very first language that a child hears, speaks, and understands it. Thus, it plays a vital role in shaping feelings, emotions, and thought process.

Private or Government School

Why are all the children only mugging up rather than understanding and studying the subjects? Because we refuse to teach them Mother tongue. Then what else would they do other than mugging-up? Understanding the concepts only happens when they know their first language fully.

No one is against English, but at the same time, give importance to your mother tongue also.

Where are the Skills?

My grandfather used to say, now everyone studies Engineering, Electrical, and Electronics studies. But they don't even know how to repair the fan, TV, or radio at their home. Then what's the use of studying? They just simply mug-up the circuits and score well and know nothing in practical. It doesn't help in any way.

Think of the money we are investing in private schools. Is the money going to our children studying over there or it's just making the school owners richer?  

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  1. Very well said educational system in India is not much great..

    1. Rather than education system, Private schools have become so commercialized.


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