The tourism industry has suffered tremendously due to COVID-19. Even traveling for an emergency has become more doubtful now. Traveling can be a source of peace and happiness for an active mind and body. But, this situation is now reversed and the life we all lived before is now a dream.

Even after the relaxation of lockdown, Travel will become very rare and it will be meant only for emergencies. One of the main reasons for this is the inadequacy of money, increased workload, and fear of infection that will exist even after COVID- 19.

Travel after Corona

Right now, many airline companies are working towards the changes that they are going to take place after COVID-19. Meaning, they will be having an air-cleaner which will clean the air inside the flight. The special type of air-purifier will be set to purify the circulating air.  Starting from the air, cleaning measures will be taken care of three times than ever before. So, they can control the spread of infections. 'Not only for COVID-19, but the other infections also can be prevented' sources say. 

5 Crores Global Job Loss 

As a result of worldwide lockdown with no travel possibility, experts tell that there will be a huge loss to Tourism and other allied industries. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the Tourism sector in India is at high risk. 7.5 crores jobs related to Travel Industries are at a risk and there will be 5 crores global job loss due to this pandemic. The loss of this industry is around 80,000 crores worldwide. India's estimated loss is around 5 lakh crores due to this lockdown. 1.1 crore foreign tourists visited India in 2019. So, imagine the turnover through the Tourism Industry! 

Offers and Free Travel  

Some countries have announced their offers to tourists who visit post corona. One of those countries is Italy. Tourism contributes 13 percent of the country's GDP in Italy. The main industry of Italy is tourism. 

Sicily Island, Italy

An island in Italy is offering to pay half of the flight and hotel accommodation for all tourists and this country also gives offers in Museum tickets, monument entry tickets, and many more. During the three days stay, we will not have to pay one day charge at the hotel. There will be a 50 percentage travel ticket offer for any tourists who visit Italy. 

Japan also will be paying half of the ticket fare of tourists. Including, Japan, Italy, and The UK are offering money to tourists to travel domestically to promote the mental health of the entire country's population. 

Travel after COVID-19 Italy
Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

Where is safe to go after COVID-19?

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia which has a lot of safety measures in terms of COVID-19. The country has a lot of space for the floating population in the sense they have umpteen number of guesthouses, private villas, Boutique hotels, resorts for tourists. The country differentiates personal travel and business travel. They have different options for the same to accommodate tourists. Also, they can afford a lot of numbers of tourists to whom they assure personalized safety. An important step in this safety measure is there won't be any immediate check-in once the tourists left the room. It will be locked for sometimes to get sanitized automatically. That much accommodation facility that the country has and other safety measures that they ensure are cleanliness, sanitization, health check-up, medical facilities, and much more. 

Also, Austria, Croatia, Greece these countries have 10-50 times fewer infected people per lakh. These countries are getting travel attention through their offers and freebies. The Ministry of Industry, Travel, and Tourism of Fiji have announced that their land is corona free. There were only 18 people affected with Corona, now all of them have recovered and it's safe to travel to Fiji Island.  

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are also safe to travel which has 1000 times fewer positive cases compared to Chennai. Till date, the total number of cases is only 119 in which 54 are recovered. 


Not like other countries, Cyprus has a very different plan to make concessions for tourists. Anybody testing positive for COVID-19 at the airport check-in, they will have numerous benefits from the country. They will have full free accommodation, travel expenses, food, and medical care while his/her family has to pay for their lodging, food, and everything. The COVID-19 patient alone will have the benefits from the country. 

Travel offers Cyprus
Cape Greco, Cyprus

Imagine How our Travel will be after Corona? 

Our tour is not gonna be like before, once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. We will need to carry a lot of sanitizers, wet wipes, and tissue papers. A few days ago, a comedy video went viral on social media. A guy wipes his seat with wet wipes and uses sanitizer before sitting down on the seat. It seems this will be our situation wherever we go for travel after lockdown. Anyways, this is just a thought! 

When can we travel? 

Some sources say It will take around 18 months to open international borders. Corona outbreak hotspots may take even more time to open their borders. While domestic travel alone is permitted in some regions, it doesn't seem that international travel will start anytime soon. It's a million-dollar question that when people will feel comfortable enough to go for non-essential travels after Corona? 

Comment your thoughts where you want to visit after Corona? How much you are missing travel at this time! 


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