The recovery rate from COVID-19 has been increasing every day in India as per the reports. Until now no vaccines have been found for COVID-19. Patients have been given HCQ tablets, some homeopathic tablets, vitamin tablets, and more. With all these tablets India's recovery rate is so unimaginable. It's 60 percent! Glad to hear this news right! Though the cases are increasing every day, it gives happiness by seeing the recovery rate, we think India is moving towards the brighter side. But at the same time, I got shocked by two phone calls from my friends who live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Situation COVID-19 patients

Here you will read about three real incidents that have happened to people in my close circle which really made me feel bad. I've penned down exactly what information I've got over the phone from them. This is to tell people how they have to be careful in this COVID- 19 situation and we have to only take care of ourselves no one is going to help us. It is time for us all to wake up and accept the fact of what is happening around us.  

Incident 1 - Happened to my well-wisher 

A week before I got a call from one of my well-wishers. He told me that he was tested positive for COVID-19 but he had been given no treatment and sent home, saying that there is no bed available in the hospital. Few days before his father, who suffered from COVID-19, died in the hospital. But the saddest thing is that none of his family members took any COVID-19 test though they asked for it. The hospital said as of now we don't take new tests as they have already many cases pending with them. 

In that situation, he did not know what to do next. At the same time, he wanted to test himself and know whether he was infected with Coronavirus or not? On the advice of his friend, he went to a medical camp near his house. With the help of the medical camp, he was tested and confirmed with COVID-19 positive. But, He wasn't admitted to the hospital, stating that there are no beds available for new patient's admission. He is not wealthy enough to go to any private hospital and spend lakhs and lakhs amount for the corona treatment. He had been left with the only option of self quarantined at his home. Even when the situation is this bad, his wife and daughter have not been tested for COVID-19. Remember! He has lost his father due to corona a few days before. 

Situation of Corona Patients in Tamil Nadu

INCIDENT 2- Happened in my friend's circle. 

Another case has happened in my friend's office. One of my friend's colleagues was tested with COVID- 19 positive. He was admitted to the hospital. But not given any treatment. In those ten days, only two times he had been asked about his health condition by a doctor. He then said that he has difficulty in breathing. 
Can you guess what reply he has got from the doctor? 'If you have trouble breathing, don't wear the mask'. That's all and he went away.

After a few days, his condition became worse and he asked a nurse who's in charge of that corona ward for the medicine because he couldn't breathe at all. Though his condition was very bad, he has not been given any tablets or treatment. After asking two, three-time for tablets, only then he has got it. 

Inside the hospital the food was provided in another place where the patients have to go and take food it seems. That too very little amount of food they provided which wasn't enough for the patients. No proper toilet facility over there. It wasn't maintained well; very dirty and unclean. 

On the eleventh day, that nurse said that he can go home stating that he has been recovered from Corona. By hearing this, he was shocked. He has severe fever, caught, cold but the nurse was asking him to go home. He had been given tablets for only two days and he sent back home. He also self quarantined himself at his home now. The tablets were over. But his health condition is getting worse day by day. Even, he couldn't explain his situation over the phone due to a severe cough and cold he was ceaselessly coughing. 

Corona Patients in Chennai


A neighbor of my family members who lives in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, tested positive for COVID-19 and was admitted to Government hospital. It seems they don't provide food for the patients. The patient's family has to take care of the patients by providing food, water and all! So, that patient's wife cooks and goes to the hospital daily to give him food. Every patient's family does the same for their loved ones it seems.

By hearing this news I was shocked and thought why all these news aren't coming on the Media? Until that happens to our close friends or family, we are unaware of the truth of how they treat COVID-19 patients. 

We live in a world of uncertainty isn't that true? 

According to The Hindu, On July 1st, The State Government of Tamil Nadu sanctioned funds rupees 45.77 crores from the State Disaster Response Fund for providing food for COVID-19 patients and accommodation for doctors and nurses. Are they going to really provide the same? 

COVID-19 count in Tamil Nadu nears 95,000 in which 52,000 people recovered in the state. There are nearly 2,000 people who are discharging from corona wards every day. Are they really cured or sent to home just to reduce the actual numbers? Still a mystery! 

Hence, I just shared what happened to people in my known circle and this piece of writing is just to inform you all that it's a high time for us to protect ourselves and we must be aware of this situation. 

'Hope' is everything to heal anything! 

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