"Never regret anything because one time it was exactly what you wanted"
- Marilyn Monroe 

Life arises from the decisions we make. The purpose of life according to me is to make happiness for ourselves as well as others. Life does not always go into the path that we wanted. I still remember my 9th standard's poem 'The Road Not Taken' by Robert Frost. In that, the author had chosen the road less traveled by, which has made all the differences. Life is full of choices, surprises, and miracles. At times, from the difficult phase, people survive to become better. This thriving is a never-ending process. So, Don't get worried if your life is broken.  

1. You're unique, and so is everyone else.

Unique and Independent

People have a fundamental desire to evaluate their opinion and abilities with others. It's absolutely normal to some extent as per the Social Comparison Theory by Leon Festinger in 1954. 

One of the major reasons for comparison is insecurity. 

Everyone needs to understand that they are unique in this world. There are no impacts on our life when we compare ourselves with others. 

Seeing what others have accomplished can instigate feelings of jealousy, envy, and ill-natured, etc., Instead of feeling happy for others, we may allow our insecurities to take over. There is one thing to understand here, Oranges can't be compared with apples and vice versa. 

2. Don't pause yourself for anything! No wasting on waiting!

We should not put our lives on hold for any reason. We don't like to work, sleep, eat, and do anything productive, this is what we normally do in depression. My Psychology professor always quotes this 'Imagine your life is smooth and you don't have any bad experiences, failures, etc., Then you will move towards an unproductive life. Don't be afraid about depression. It's a phase that is going to make you stronger. Yes, He is right. It can give people an increased resilience to cope up with life's challenges. 

In an interview, famous Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma stated these lines, "I've anxiety and depression. I'm on medications for this. In my family, there have been some cases of Depression. I believe it's completely normal". She understood it's a mental transformation and she doesn't pause her career because she is in depression.  

3. Are your thoughts bringing you down? 

We are nothing but the product of our thoughts. 


Give a try to break your negative thoughts. Because it can affect the quality of life and may lead to decreased motivation as well as greater feelings of helplessness. 

An average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. In that, 80% of thoughts are negative. If we give a space for this negative thought, it will make a permanent place in our mind and will affect our body also. 

A recent study from the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research), 1 in 7 Indians suffered from Mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, stress, feeling of hopelessness, helplessness, etc., The base of mental disorders is negative thoughts. 

A recent article from our blog 'From India's, quotes some ways to become a best person in your life and blow away your negative thoughts. 

4. Get some fresh air

Travel promotes independence and inner peace. When we are open to new experiences and culture, a fresh attitude allows us to be more mindful of things around us. Traveling to a completely new phase will make our mind clear and de-stress. 

'I live just because I travel. When relationship issues stressed up myself, I chose to travel to detox myself'. 
-Kalki Koechlin, a well- known Bollywood director's ex-wife said this in an interview.  


5. Diet for Depression 

A study has shown both stress and eating poorly are linked to increasing the risk of anxiety and other chronic conditions. 

A study shows that 10,000 men who have vegetarian eating habits, were associated with an increased risk of depression. The result of this study tells that the depression rate increased with the elimination of meat. Shocking right!!! So, keep a look at the diet habits you follow every day!  

6. Hope is everything, Don't lose it 

Bollywood actor Shahrukh khan, when he was at his school, he was asked by his teacher, 'What do you want to become?' He replied saying he wanted to become an actor and work with the Bollywood industry. The teacher explained that his dream was so unrealistic that it was never going to come true. Shahrukh asked to bring his mom to the school the next day. His teacher told her mom, "Advice Shahrukh to concentrate on studies. Tell him the truth that he can't become a Bollywood star being born in a middle-class family. Shahrukh's mother replied to the teacher, "if he says this with confidence it will happen. If Shahrukh wishes to become an actor, it will happen. It will happen for sure!" 

So, Hope is everything in your life. 


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