There are so many talents around us without being noticed or set aside. After Bollywood actor Sushant's death, people started talking about 'Nepotism' in the Bollywood Industry. Netizens of social media have come up together and raised voice against the celebrities who mocked the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. 34-year-old young charm found hanging at his residence, Mumbai. 

Devastating Mental Conditions of the Late Actor 

Sushant Singh Rajput

Suhrita Sengupta, a close associate of Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt revealed some facts about Sushant Singh Rajput. "Without medications, Sushant's depression went worse. 'I will kill you,' a voice began to threaten him. He began to feel people were trying to kill him. It's a deep condition of psychosis where he was haunted by Hallucinations. When depression goes intense these kinds of negative voices will shake that person's head and cause pain. The late actor was in a devastating, melancholic state. 

Ex-member of Parliament Sanjay Nirupam reveals that Sushant signed 7 films and lost all of them in a span of 6 months. Netizens were in talks of this happening to that actor because of Nepotism in Bollywood. #BoycottKaranJohar #UnfollowAlia #JusticeforSushant #NepotisminBollywood these hashtags have been trending since the incident happened to the actor on June 14, 2020. 


Nepotism means using one's power to promote their family, closed one's to get jobs. It's an unfair advantage to people who get jobs using the influence of their family relatives. It's a specific form of favoritism.

Ayushmann, A victim of Nepotism 

We know the well-known Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khuranna has no cinema background and he started his career on Television by hosting a dance show in which Hrithik Roshan as a Judge. At times he used to get some stage shows to host. While he met Karan Johar at an award function where he hosted the show. He asked Karan for his number because he is interested in acting and wanted to become an actor. He gave him a landline number. When he called and spoke with Karan, he got the answer from him that, "We do not audition outsiders and newcomers". This incident has been around social media since yesterday. He has overcome such a difficult situation and has earned his place in the film industry today. 

Sushant Boycotted

The late actor was boycotted almost from everyone because he refused two films from Yash Raj Productions and chose 'Paani' movie. This movie is based on water scarcity. This movie didn't come out due to financial issues. From then he had been boycotted by most of the celebrities from Bollywood since Yash Raj Productions has control over almost all the star kids, reliable source says. 

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt

An episode of 'Koffee with Karan' has been roped into twitter by netizens which shows Alia has been given three names to rate. The names were Sushant Singh Rajput, Ranveer Singh, Varun Dawan. Alia replied, "Sushant Singh...Who?" 

Sonam Kapoor

Another episode of 'Koffee with Karan', Sonam Kapoor asked to rate actors as Hot or Not. Karan attired Sushant's name, Sonam's reaction was 'huh'. Soon she adds saying, "I mean I haven't seen his films. So I don't know". 

On a chat show, Kareena openly advised Sara not to date Sushant just because she is a star kid. Sushant and Sara acted in 'Kedarnath' movie together. 

In many cases, it seems that the main actors, so-called star kids in Bollywood have kept Sushant aside as per the talks of social media. But we need to think of another side also, the late actor didn't leave any notes. Though he spoke about Nepotism in Bollywood in an award ceremony, he didn't pinpoint any person for this. It may be true that Nepotism holds a big place in Bollywood. The actor's death has brought out these things. 

Other mainstream heroes have not any background of cinema come up in their career, even now they are kept in the place of superstars. Shahrukh khan, Akshay Kumar, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra are such examples of being born in a non-cinema family has extended their career in the cinema industry for decades. 

Kamal Hassan

In 1981, Kamal Haasan played a lead role in 'Ek Duuje Ke Liye' directed by K Balachander. Before this film, Balachander directed a few films in Hindi. Although the collections were not record-breaking, the budget of the film was ransomed. But 'Ek Duuje Ke Liye' was a big hit which collected around 10 crores in the '80s. At that time Kamal was ignored by Bollywood. Famous Kollywood director Bhagyaraj about Kamal Hassan in Bollywood denotes Kamal Hassan and Amita Bhachan starred 'Khabardar' was dropped only because Amitabh felt Kamal could effectively overshadow him. 


A prominent director of Kollywood Industry Manirathnam's Tamil movies got dubbed in Hindi and made a good profit in Bollywood. Since all his dubbed movies are hit in Hindi. Thus, he directly made a Hindi movie in 1998 named 'Dil Se' starring Shahrukh Khan and Manisha Koirala. Though the budget of the movie was ransomed but it was not a big hit. Bollywood celebrated Maniratnam's failure by having a party. Though he was a successful director in South Indian Cinema, he was not accepted by Bollywood. 

Sundar Pichai 

Sundar Pichai

Whereas on the other side, western countries do not give a space to Nepotism in their workplace. Best example I can say here is Google CEO Sundar Pichai.  

He is from Tamilnadu India, who joined Google 2004 and became the CEO in 2015. None of his family members work at Google. He is not reserved because he is an Indian. Sundar Pichai is the one who rose to the top only with his talent. This would not have been possible if he had fallen as the victim of Nepotism.

Where Nepotism didn't work? 

A person's son cannot be the CEO just because his father owns the company. He has to do his job from scratch. He is capable of it and achieves high status. Do we all remember after Steve Jobs who took care of Apple? It's Tim Cook who worked as a COO (Chief operating Officer) of Apple, worked under Steve Jobs. He is no-where connected with Steve Jobs personally. Tim was capable of becoming the CEO of Apple, Nepotism didn't achieve here. 

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin left Google to Sundar Pichai since he is talented enough to take Google into the next level. That's why all these companies survive till today. 

It won't stop in India 

But think of who is taking care of the Reliance group of companies today? Who will continue to do that? It's Mukesh Ambani. Even Anil Ambani will not get a chance because he married a cinema actress despite family opposition. Judgment and prejudice stereotypical thinking right...? Indian families can't even think of the non-family members taking over the company. If children of the owners aren't able to maintain the business means the company will go down and disappear from the market.  

So it's not only cinema, everywhere else we have the problem of Nepotism, favoritism pervades the head.

It's not the country's fault. Indians are being taught in that way. The legacy here is to rule the property of a particular family as a son, grandson, and great-grandson and it goes on. 

It is not known whether Nepotism was the cause of Sushant's death. But in India Nepotism is there in a lot of workplaces. The bitter truth is we refuse to bring talented people into the spotlight without knowing this is wrong.

Most of us have had nepotism experience or have heard the story of Nepotism. Do we??? Comment your thoughts below. 


  1. Yes... It's true.. We can find nepotism in government jobs too... Parents Working in a government also try to get jobs to their children... Many things happen and remain unnoticed by all of us


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