Alien Visiti To India
UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)

If there is any information that comes out about Aliens over the years, is that many of us who read it interestingly right. There is another planet like Earth in the Milky Way galaxy, where aliens are believed to be the survivors. There are plenty of stories about Aliens coming to Earth. But those were not explained with proper shreds of evidence. 

A study, which claims when aliens are likely to migrate to Earth, suggests that traveling from one galaxy to another may take very long, since even lifeless spaceships may have reached Earth. Research based on UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and other things related to Aliens is still on-going in various parts of the world. 

Pyramid and Crop Circles

Studies of the pictorial writings of the ancient Egyptians confirm that the Aliens came to the Nile Valley on flying saucers. Many claims that the pyramid systems found in Egypt were not man-made and were all made by aliens. Crop- circles are still a mystery to many scientists. The world believes that man cannot draw such an accurate drawing into the paddy field. 

Crop Circle
Crop Circle 

How did America and Europe suffer? 

Research says that American and European people are afraid of aliens. This is because Aliens do not always target a country like India where people live close by. On the contrary, Aliens visit those places where population density is very less. 

For some people, dreams come about extraterrestrials or dreams like being abducted by aliens and returned to Earth. Those who have such dreams in foreign countries are brought to a testing lab and scientists begin the research process with them. This has started in the mid 90's itself and they have found some rare stones were found to be injected into their body. Scientists were shocked to know that these were not at all the particles from the earth. They don't know how these stones have been injected into their body. Are these stones injected by aliens? This is something that has not been discovered yet.

Researchers say Humans are only hijacked to know about their IQ level and aliens are believed to be more intelligent than humans. 

The UFO Incident 

In 1961, Barney and Betty Hill were an American couple who were abducted by extraterrestrials in a rural portion of New Hampshire, United States. They couldn't talk about anything beyond the fact that 'the aliens abducted us and did some research on our bodies'. 

Their story was adapted into the best selling book called 'The interrupted Journey' and the 1975 Television movie called 'The UFO Incident'. 

A few days after this incident, the people on the outskirts of the United States suddenly started disappearing. When they returned home, some days later they did not have a normal mindset. They were very unusual and weird. A pregnant woman, when she disappeared and came back without the baby in her stomach. 

Events such as this made people even more fearful. The United States has done a lot of research on this and can't find anything. UFOs are still a mystery to all the researchers. Despite seeing this, there is no clear explanation for it. No particles of UFO have ever been found. One of the flying saucer models was a new type of warfare that the US has tried and failed. 

Alien Visit To India

Why do all the Aliens invade foreign countries? Don't they come to India? 

Here is the answer to this question. 

10,000 years ago in India

Some researchers denoted that there are paintings by Aliens on the hill known as 'Charama' in the state of Chhattisgarh, India. The Carbon dating reports of the paintings in this area revealed that they date back to 10,000 years. Some have said that these are like a painting of the Mahabharata. If this is the case of the Mahabharata, they must have been around 2,000 years ago only. But, It is 10,000 years old. It's unimaginable that the paintings are depicted as aliens and Flying saucers. In some paintings, they are shown wearing a spacesuit. 

Worship against aliens in India 

The indigenous people of the Charama hill claim that they have heard from their ancestors about the 'Rohela' people who lived in the area in the ancient period. They are much shorter than the average human being. They came from the flying saucer from the sky and they took away some of the people from the village who never returned. The people of the area also say that their ancestors worshiped God that the flying saucer should not return to earth. 

Few UFO visits in India

On October 29, 2007, a fast-moving object was spotted at Kolkata between 3.30 and 6.30 am. It was filmed using a handy cam. Hundreds of people gathered to watch this UFO. 

June 20, 2013, a UFO was spotted flying at Mogappair, Chennai. In the same year on August 4, Indian army soldiers observed a UFO flying at Ladakh. 

On October 29, A 'nail shaped' UFO was photographed at Kerala and this different shape of UFO became the hot topic of the nation. 

Despite the many stories of UFOs coming to India, no one in India has ever been caught into the alien's clutches. They are still mysterious stories abroad. 

For us to experience your thoughts about aliens, Share them in the comment box below! 


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