1. What is "From India'?

It is a site that tells you the interesting history of India, the people who live here, and the culture. Most importantly, We write about Indian cuisine as a lot of people want to read about it and the way it is made.

The site was started to tell you the information about India and the lifestyle over here. Other than that, you can see some other genre of articles also on this site. It is named 'From India' as it is primarily about India.

2. What type of posts will you be uploading in it?

Primarily, History, Food, People, and Culture of India. But other than that, we also focus on lifestyle, psychology, and other health-related articles. Monday Motivational is one of the important aspects of this site as we have a good readership for this. In the travel section, we share our own traveling experience, tips, and history about the particular place with good quality photographs. These are the content services we offer for readers through 'From India' blog.

3. What are the benefits we will get by reading this site?

We assure you that by reading this 'From India's blog, you will find your time worth-spending on it. In this, we write much interesting information about India. 'Spending time on the blog' is good entertainment for our brain. You can find out about interesting facts about India, people live here, food, history, art, and culture. Read our articles. We are waiting to hear from you.

4. Is it a fully entertainment-based or informational based site?

We can say it's an 'infotainment' site which intended both to entertain and to inform. We provide both types of content for our readers. We have categories such as People, Food, Culture, Travel, Health, Psychology, etc., Stay excited with 'From India' as we entertain you as well as excite you with facts.

5. Are you concentrating on Indian foods also?

Everyone loves food.

Food is often a catchy part of a blog, isn't it? So we're paying attention to it also. We write about Indian cuisine and how to make Indian dishes. We concentrate on the Main course, Sides, Pastries, Snacks, Desserts, Beverages, etc., Some of us have asked to write about Multi-cuisine and Arab cuisine dishes also, so we pen-down about them also. Tell us about any special food in your region, we look forward to posting your notes on our 'From India' site.

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